Foxhunt Log

Your Fox#1 log entry has been received! Thanks for hunting this week.

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Current Week’s successful hunters:

#NameCallsignDate-Time FoundHow Hard Was The Hunt?Comment or Message
Shawn PrestridgeKI5PXG02/17/2024 9:49:24 AM3-About RightGetting a drink of water
1Brian MurphyWB8QZM02/17/2024 9:49:39 AM3-About RightTowering inferno.
2Greg DussorKJ5ADT02/17/2024 9:49:45 AM3-About RightThirsty
3Chris TutiKV2T02/17/2024 9:49:41 AM3-About RightNever been there
4Eric RobertsonWW9K02/17/2024 10:11:01 AM3-About RightBlended in well! Good hide!
5Kevin StevensKI5YYO02/17/2024 10:40:13 AM3-About RightFun
6John DonovanKC5JMD02/17/2024 10:41:00 AM3-About RightThe Fox has a taste for copper
7Buddy ShipleyKF5LJD02/17/2024 10:41:44 AM3-About RightWell hidden
8Bob PerkinsW5RLP02/17/2024 10:42:24 AM3-About RightNice high spot.
9Dwaine HurtaN5HD02/17/2024 12:07:14 PM3-About RightThanks!
10Joe WignerK5MGY02/17/2024 3:25:38 PM3-About RightWhere’s Roy Neary when you need him?
11Adam ButtKE5MMK02/18/2024 1:09:21 PM3-About RightI couldn't hunt on Saturday, and it looks like the battery didn't even make it 24 hours. But I figured it out from the clues. Does that count?
12Fox MasterKD4C02/18/2024 2:45:14 PM3-About RightSorry for the short battery life - we'll have that fixed soon. The fox was on collins blvd at the base of the Collins Water Tower. The fox has been at the water tower before, but I didn't put it there :) Read the comments carefully!