Foxhunt Log

Your Fox#1 log entry has been received! Thanks for hunting this week.

Current Week’s successful hunters:

#NameCallsignDate-Time FoundHow Hard Was The Hunt?Comment or Message
Fox MasterKG5WRY06/03/2023 7:31:57 AM3-About RightFox 1 is feeling the need for speed.
1AL AlexanderKN5EEE06/03/2023 8:27:36 AM3-About RightNearly stumped me, but I found it
2Brian MurphyWB8QZM06/03/2023 8:28:09 AM3-About RightGreat furniture
3Robert UmplebyAa5ah06/03/2023 8:33:08 AM2-Could Have Been HarderAnother easy one
4Wilson LittleNT5AT06/03/2023 9:04:39 AM3-About RightNot the best place to lounge.
5Mark HammonsN5MSh06/03/2023 1:21:27 PM3-About RightGood hide.
6Dwaine HurtaN5HD06/03/2023 1:24:59 PM3-About RightI though it was anywhere but there.
7Adam ButtKE5MMK06/03/2023 2:15:54 PM3-About RightGood hide.
8Joe WignerK5MGY06/03/2023 3:01:03 PM3-About RightNow all you need is a TV and some beer.
9Greg DussorKJ5ADT06/03/2023 4:06:03 PM3-About RightNow I know where to bring my old furniture
10Jennifer DussorKI5ZNU06/03/2023 4:06:12 PM3-About RightThis one stumped me.
11David FedorkoKF5PFC06/04/2023 8:37:02 AM3-About RightThanks for the hunt!
12Paul FerrisW3PWF06/04/2023 11:42:49 AM3-About RightHaha comfy
13Buddy ShipleyKF5LJD06/04/2023 12:03:51 PM3-About RightLooks like I missed the party Signed Stumpy
14Buddy ShipleyKF5LJD06/04/2023 12:10:18 PM3-About RightGood hide thanks
15Katherine ForsonKT5KMF06/04/2023 12:27:54 PM3-About RightI think I need to sit down after this one. Thanks and 73
16Rob ForsonK5WFR06/04/2023 12:28:20 PM5-PITAGlad I wore boots today.
17Chip CokerKD4C06/04/2023 1:55:55 PM3-About RightLooks like a good place for a party
18Logan McWatersKi5NON06/04/2023 3:44:11 PM3-About RightTo be fair, I don’t see any no dumping signs.
19Travis McWatersKI5PGM06/04/2023 3:44:07 PM3-About RightWho uses Robertson head screws?
20Brice TruittKI5WPC06/04/2023 3:47:08 PM3-About RightFun!