Foxhunt Log

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Current Week’s successful hunters:

NameCallsignDate-Time FoundHow Hard Was The Hunt?Comment or Message
Fox MasterKD4C05/14/2022 8:27:56 AMAbout RightThe Fox is not in Kansas any more…
Bob HillKG5WRY05/14/2022 9:01:25 AMAbout RightNice and quick
Chris TutiKV2T05/14/2022 12:16:04 PMAbout RightWhere’s K5CU?
Brian MurphyWB8QXM05/14/2022 12:16:16 PMAbout RightHad to take a break or we would have found it 2 hours ago
Adam ButtKE5MMK05/14/2022 2:46:57 PMAbout RightGood fun!
Jeff WaiteKI5SDS05/14/2022 2:47:23 PMAbout RightMonty Python? Bring us a shrubbery, but not to big.
Nick McCarthyK5NJM05/15/2022 8:01:55 AMAbout RightThanks Chip!
David FedorkoKF5PFC05/15/2022 8:33:05 AMAbout RightNice hide, made for a good hunt! I’m a little thirsty now…
Robert UmplebyAa5ah05/15/2022 11:32:46 AMAbout RightIt was hard to find Saturday night. Found it the next day during daylight
Travis McWatersKI5PGM05/15/2022 12:12:04 PMAbout RightSo many bees.
Logan McWatersKi5NON05/15/2022 12:12:13 PMAbout RightFence line, always the fence line.
Logan McWatersKi5NON05/15/2022 12:14:26 PMAbout RightFence line, always the fence line.